About Us

At the beginning of 2018 in Cape Town, South Africa my Not-so little-anymore Baba was in Grade 10 and I asked her what she wanted to do when she finished school. She had an "a-ha" moment and said we should start a fun and funky socks range. So we discussed it and decided, if not... why not? We came up with the name Shoset because Big Mama was born in France and the French word for Sock in French is chaussette (sho-set). Not-so little-anymore Baba's talented friends started designing the socks. We got to work, researched the market and products and that's how Shoset was created. It took a little while, but here we are...eventually.

We are so thankful to be following our dream and we believe in outstanding service, top quality socks and customer satisfaction.

We decided on fun, colourful, funky, bold and popular designs to start with. We're hoping to grow our range soon... Why should socks be dull and boring when they can stand out and be bold? Not-so little-anymore Baba has an attitude at times, she's feisty and we decided that our slogan should embrace this awesomeness. Shoset are socks with an attitude. Our socks are also a little quirky, just like us.